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Statement from Christian Ramírez

ChristianPodium2.pngDear friends and neighbors,

I’m thrilled to share that I am running for San Diego City Council District 8!

Four generations of my family live in District 8. This is the community in which Edna, my wife and partner of 18 years, and I purchased our house and where we are raising our son, Diego. This is our home and we love our community too much for us to continue to allow City Hall to leave our families behind.

I have stood up to Donald Trump’s reckless policies in our border region and I have a profound commitment to continue to stand up for working families in America’s Finest City.

For over 20 years I have advocated to protect the quality of life of our communities and have fought to ensure that working families are treated with dignity and respect. I have the experience to tackle difficult issues and I have a proven record of fighting for the rights of families like yours.

Stand with me in this campaign and let’s build a city for all!

Having grown up in the South Bay community of Nestor in Section 8 housing, I witnessed how hard families worked to make ends meet and I became familiar with the economic and social inequality in our city. I know, first hand, the challenges and struggles our communities face on a daily basis.

In Sherman and Logan Heights, where I have lived for the last two decades, I have seen the poor conditions of our sidewalks and streets, the growing concern of gentrification, and the damaging impact of pollution.

For too long, City Hall has neglected our communities. Now is the time to find solutions to our most pressing problems, so that all of our families can thrive in a city that serves us all.

Let’s move forward together. Join me today!

With your help, I will fight for:

  • Affordable housing and good paying jobs
  • Accountable and professional public safety
  • Recreational community parks and gardens
  • Reliable, accessible, and modern public transportation
  • Accessible and affordable high-speed internet
  • Participatory democracy in which all residents have an opportunity to be part of the decision-making process in our city’s government

I know that when the community exercises its political strength, we make a difference and that is why I am running for San Diego City Council.

We are running a strong campaign powered by the community to move San Diego forward.

With your donation today we build the momentum to win in 2018!

Thank you for your support!
Christian Ramirez

  • Upcoming events


    When: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 06:00 PM
    Where: Border X Brewery in San Diego, CA

    Jacobs & Schlesinger LLP invites you to a night of Tacos & Beer! We are hosting a fundraiser in support of Christian Ramirez who is running for San Diego City Council’s 8th district.

    Let’s eat, drink, talk about our community, and make this the start of a better San Diego.

    Christian Ramirez has been defending the rights of border residents for over 20 years, and is now taking the bold challenge to uphold dignity and respect for these residents on the San Diego City Council.

    With your support, we will win District 8 for our families and make San Diego a #CityforAll!

    Donations are strongly encouraged! Make your donation at or bring your donation on the day of to get your tacos & beer!
    Suggested donations: $20 (students), $50, $100, and $150.


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