Our communities have been forgotten by City Hall.  We have all seen broken promises, failure of leadership, decisions made behind closed doors or decisions made to benefit personal and special interests. I’ve seen lack of commitment when elected leaders use City Hall as a stepping stone to advance their political careers.


This is all changes today! I commit to making this happen and build a City for All by:


Protecting Our Families

  • Ensuring Sanctuary for Our Residents and Our Families
  • Promoting Community-Responsive Policing and Law Enforcement Accountability
  • Investing in our Children’s Health and Safety


Listening and Fighting for You

  • Organizing Community-Based Planning and Advisory Groups
  • Bringing Your Most Pressing Local Concerns and Issues to City Decision-Making
  • Keeping City/Community Lines of Communication Open
  • Addressing your concerns on traffic, speeding, potholes and safety


Making Our Neighborhoods Affordable and Healthy

  • Working to Make Rent and Home Ownership More Affordable
  • Ensuring Enforcement of Minimum Wage and Sick Day Ordinances
  • Prioritizing Affordable and Accessible Public Transportation
  • Developing and Strengthening Public/Private Job Creation Partnerships and Local Hiring

Celebrating Our Heritage and Diversity

  • Promoting Diverse Cultural Events
  • Engaging and Supporting Artists, Performers and Audiences Who Reflect Our Community’s Diversity
  • Increasing Library and Park Accessibility and Inclusiveness
  • Rejecting the Toxic Politics of Hate and Racism